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Ponte Valle - Global Leadership Training & Coaching
Ponte Valle - Global Leadership Training & Coaching

We are proud to partner with organisations who are looking to deliver the best outcomes for their employees, their customers and for society. We have worked globally with organisations in the many different sectors.

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Mr. Morley knows the challenges of global business and cultural and personal impact on human behavior. From the initial design to the final delivery of the services, he took care of each participants’ cultural background and applied rich skills to create mindful and meaningful dialogues.Mr. Morley demonstrated the depth and width of his capabilities in panning and developing four intercultural dialogues & workshops in Osaka, Tokyo and Takamatsu in 2015. Despite the difference of our clients’ businesses thus requirements, he provided the best possible strategies to solve challenges that each party had faced.


Chika Miyamori, Japan

I relocated from Paris, France to Brisbane, Australia in 2014. This was a career opportunity provided by my Company, a worldwide insurer, and I was ready to take on a new professional challenge. Even so expatriation is for some synonymous to a fantastic experience by default, it comes with challenges both personal and professional, it stresses your resilience away from home, while you need to adapt to more than just to a new role. Soon after my arrival, I started the Expat Optimiser Coaching Program led by David Morley. As the only expat at that time in my part of the company, I was provided with support to ease my adaptation into a new environment. Supported by tools and thanks to his own experience, David helped me to manage to quickly get an understanding of differences in work culture in my host country and therefore adapt faster, then I’ve been provided support to build more relationships and, at last but not least, be coached to be better at leading a multi-cultural team. I also personally enjoyed the range and the flexibility of the program: fully tailored-made, to be able to tackle personal situations, leadership styles and cross-cultural differences in a same session. 18 months after my relocation, I believe that this coaching program had definitely helped to make this expatriation successful.


Jeremy Naar, French Expat in Australia

There are countless personal and professional challenges to overcome when starting a new life abroad and, in the very early stage, one specific mindset or behavior instead of another can make the difference between success and failure. In this regard, the Expat Optimiser program delivered by Ponte Valle was definitely one of the key success factors for me. Beyond the strong cross-cultural and leadership content, I really enjoyed having the possibility to exchange with someone who understood exactly what I was going through as an expat and was able to provide me with the right advices at the right time.

Serge Alves Leitao, French Expat in Thailand

We had the pleasure to work with David on two occasions. The first one was immediately after we re-structured our operation in South Africa, bringing on board a brand-new leadership team. David has easily adapted to, and work with, the different cultures in the team. He brought the new Leadership Team together and generated a high level of teaming and team spirit in a short space of time. He was able to facilitate a process of alignment with the new country strategy following the merger of our operations. The second one was at the launch of a new major project which involved multiple entities within the group coming from 3 different countries. He was able to bring a very diverse group together that consisted of South Africans, Portuguese and Germans and get them on task quickly. He facilitated the creation of a project charter that the team felt proud of and that represented what they wanted to achieve together and how they would achieve it.

Patrick Oszczeda, Egypt

We partnered with Ponte Valle to help us increase the level of engagement and impact our leaders were having on a day to day basis with their people. We have definitely seen the difference across the business in the style, content and “real” conversations so key to engagement. This has delivered excellent value for Virbac.

Past CEO, Virbac Australia​

David Morley is a great leadership trainer! I found his sessions to be really engaging, practical and interesting. The Lead2Engage program devised and delivered by him lives up to its name as he constantly seeks to engage the participants of the training program.

The skills imparted in this program can be used by everyone in a very practical way as David explains the content in a simple and easy to understand language. And by sharing his own experiences of applying these skills, he demonstrated ways in which we can implement within our own working environments. My ability to lead people has definitely got a big boost after attending this program and I attribute this to David’s unique style of training.

Vamsi Madasu, Systra ANZ

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