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Winning Together solutions work on the values level of a team helping groups align on how they can best work together.

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About the program

Winning Together

The Winning Together process underpins the evolution of teams and groups of any size or structure. It is this connection at the level of values and beliefs that sets the Ponte Valle method aside from other project or international teaming events, and allows the team to truly understand what motivates and inspires each other.

At this level, authentic connection allows for a shared set of values to be created that reflect the desire of the team in the context of what they have to achieve, and the organisational goals and vision. If you can create the opportunity for this to occur then you are setting everyone up long-term success.

Winning Together is a successful process for team development and collaboration that creates a:

  • shared “language”
  • shared direction
  • shared commitment


The problems that come with global and matrix structured organisations are well documented; ambiguity, silo’s, poor communication, cross-functional competitive behaviour and the list goes on. There is hardly a matrix organisation in the world today that isn’t struggling with these issues, and so it’s probably little wonder that when a project team is formed, despite the best intentions of the leadership, these problems start to hinder the running of the team and in turn impact negatively on performance.

Sitting alongside these more widely understood issues is another that both feeds on these issues and magnifies them; too often, especially in international matrix environments, a key contributing factor to poor project performance is a misalignment between ’what’ the team or project has to achieve, and collective mindset of the team who are working to achieve the objectives…the ‘how’. The Ponte Valle approach to teaming goes beyond the standard teaming event or project charter and truly sets a team up for success. ​

Building the Optimal Partnership
This workshop is designed to help you identify the partners who would be the best fit in forming an alliance, or for partnering with off-shore. We investigate cultures, values, past histories of working together in the context of the situation to ensure your company, and the partnership, is set up for success.

Team Culture Scan © Optimal Team Collaboration & Culture Mapping
This can be conducted as a standalone activity, or be built into the Winning Together Kick Off Workshop. This is a process of identifying the Optimal Culture required to assist the project/partnership execute their plan in a collaborative and customer centric manner, and provides a tangible picture of the ‘as-is’ vs ‘optimal’ culture and a map for how the gap can be overcome.

Bid/Tender Team Innovation Session
Sometimes the Bid/Tender teams gets stuck for a solution, or wants to bring a dynamic edge to a solution that can’t be clearly identified. This session uses a series of creative processes to help the team step out of their comfort zone and see things from different perspectives and identify a new way forward.
– .5 day

High Level Alignment Contracting
This is short session conducted prior to the Winning Together Workshop that ensures the country/executive leadership group (or divisional equivalent) are aligned on what success looks like and to form a high level agreement around what they are willing to do to ensure the project/situation is set up for success.
– 2 hour workshop

Intercultural Collaboration Support
A range of options for supporting the intercultural aspect of collaboration and working together. Some of this can be built into the Winning Together Kick Off Workshop, or they can be delivered separately. This includes:

  • Culture Mapping
  • Short Cultural Intelligence workshops
  • Coaching for Expats
  • Coaching for Managers of Expats
  • Crafting a message that is culturally relevant


Mediation & Intervention Services
It’s not unusual for the intense nature of global partnerships or teams to contribute to cracks in the team or between the team and other business functions or even with suppliers or the client. The core elements of the Winning Together process also double up to help bring about a shared way of moving forward and de-escalating situations that can clearly derail being on task.

Winning Together Workshop
This workshop brings together the team/s, partners and/or key roles required to ensure the project, partnership or team is a success. The output is a clear alignment and understanding of purpose, what success will look like, the roles, the expectations, collaboration points and an agreement on the culture required to enable success. This is captured in a Team Charter
– 1-2 Days workshop depending on what is included.

Reality Check Points
Strategic, pre-agreed moments, when the Ponte Valle team will bring your teams together to check in on performance against the Team Charter, collaboration and culture. If the Team Culture Scan was used at the beginning of the process, we would include this as a pulse check.
– 2 hour session

Preparation for Collaboration Behavioural Assessments
Provision of services to prepare bid/tender team members for collaboration assessments; whether this be team collaboration simulated role-plays, case studies. or portfolios of evidence.

The Winning Together methodology is used many times each year to help start, boost or turn around the performance of teams, projects or partnerships; below are some examples of how it has been used over the years.


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