Collaboration & Teaming Course

The Collaborative Communicator

The aim of this course is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge to communicate more effectively in a complex environment. One of the key features of this course is the use of your own examples and working through real life scenarios.

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About the program

Why The Collaborative Communicator?

Why The Collaborative Communicator?

The ability to effectively communicate is a critical skill in any role, industry or environment. In complex organisations, where communication occurs not only between teams but also between functions, sites and even countries, the need for effective communication has never been stronger.

In this course, participants will:

  • Be introduced to the psychology that underpins communication
  • ​Identify their own communication style and how it impacts on others
  • ​Learn how to communicate more authentically and with courage
  • Learn frameworks for influencing and collaboration
  • Produce an action plan to improve their individual communication skills
  • Employees required to collaborate and communicate beyond their own team or function
  • Companies whose success depends upon effective communication across the whole organisation and not just within functions or departments
  • Organisations looking to increase employee engagement levels by increasing communication skills
  • This is a one day program with comprehensive post-course support materials
  • Optional – coaching to support embedding of new skills and knowledge

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