Collaboration & Teaming Course

Passport to Collaborative Working

This course will help employees understand the type of thinking and behaviours that can help them collaborate and gain greater cooperation within their team and with other groups.

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About the program

Passport to Collaborative Working

Navigating the complexities of organisations like matrix, government agencies, or expansive global corporations can feel like traversing uncharted territory—especially if you’re accustomed to a different working environment. From depending on others to accomplish tasks to advocating for your vision amidst diverse perspectives, the challenges can seem daunting. That’s why this course was created; we’re here to guide you through this maze and empower you to thrive in any organisational landscape.

In large organisations, leaders receive significant attention, yet the vital role of everyday influencers and collaborators can be overlooked. Enter Passport to Collaborative Working: the essential toolkit for thriving in matrix or networked environments. This program equips participants to:

  • Master influential thinking and behaviours for seamless cross-functional collaboration.
  • Cultivate resilience amidst organisational complexity.
  • Enhance effectiveness in global and cross-cultural collaborations.


Unlock the secrets to thriving in complex organisational landscapes with our immersive course designed for success in matrix structures.

Participants are invited to enrich the learning experience by sharing their insights and real-world encounters. Throughout the course, you will:

  • Grasp the nuances of complex structures and confront the challenges they present head-on.
  • Harness proactive behaviours for enhanced self-leadership, team leadership, resilience, communication, and overall performance in a matrix environment.
  • Craft a personalised strategy for collaborative success, ready for immediate implementation post-course.
  • Embrace the pivotal role of personal influence in fostering cross-functional relationships.
  • Discover powerful strategies for optimising productivity in culturally diverse and geographically dispersed teams.


But we don’t stop at just learning—we embed it into action. Participants will develop their own Personal Theory of Collaborative Practice during the workshop, poised for immediate application post-course, with further refinement in our post-course small group coaching sessions.


  • This is a one day program with comprehensive post-course support materials
  • Optional – coaching to support embedding of new skills and knowledge

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