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Design the Best Culture to Perform

Ponte Valle is an Associated Partner of The Culture Factor (formerly known as Hofstede Insights), one of the world’s leading culture research and application organisations. Ponte Valle has been helping organisations around the globe make meaningful culture transformations backed by The Culture Factor’s data and evidence based tools and a robust methodology, ensuring line of sight from strategy to culture change plans.

Our organisational culture facilitation team-members are all incredibly experienced organisational culture practitioners, and accredited to use the Multi-Focus Model on Organisational Culture to support cultural change at team, function or organisational levels.

When you engage Ponte Valle to support your culture transformation project, you are accessing a significant depth of culture experience and knowledge at the national, organisational and consumer levels.

Culture can seem quite a complicated topic…but it doesn’t need to be. The above diagram summarises the key steps in supporting your team, function or organisation to make the cultural shifts needed to enhance the delivery of your business objectives.

  • Non-normative and contextual tools are developed to offer a fully customised solution for your organisation’s unique circumstances.
  • Answer Pattern Recognition technology ensures that we capture the holistic view of the culture of your organisation, not just the sum of individual answers.
  • Fully customisable subcultures and the automated gap analysis enable you to create consistent, coherent, and surgical change.
  • Integrated leadership behavioural analysis helps leaders identify which parts of their own behaviour will help with executing the strategy and what they can do to drive change in the organisation.
  • Intake interview to define the target for the transformation process and co-create the plan to carry it out
  • Organisational Culture Scan to measure the current culture of your organisation through an online survey and/or interviews
  • 3 Workshops to guide you through the transformation process every step of the way
  • Levers of Change™ to support indirect cultural transformation by implementing these levers of change
  • Executive Match 360 to measure 360° of feedback of your management team and make sure management is aligned with your culture
  • Customisation available

Ponte Valle has been using the Multi-Focus Model on Organisational Culture to support many organisations since bringing this approach to Australia in 2015. The methodology itself has been used globally for over 20 years, and the Australasian region starting to discover the ‘real-world’ advantages of this approach – one that ensures a road map of cultural change with a direct line of site through to strategy execution.

Since 2015 the Multi-Focus Model on Organisational Culture has been used across the following sectors in Australia:

  • NSW Government departments
  • Finance
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Animal Health
  • Oil and Gas

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Organisational Culture

Enable the efficient and effective execution of your strategy

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