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Elevate your leadership impact and master the art of engaging teams with 'Lead2Engage,' a transformative course designed to unleash your full potential in guiding and inspiring team engagement.

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About the program

Lead 2 Engage

The more complex an environment, the more important it is that leaders know how to build, maintain and use effective and engaging relationships as the basis of personal and organisational success. Whether it be building heightened engagement in the team they lead, or managing relationships with their peers or their own up line manager/s – either in their own country or across many functions and countries…the ability to relate and influence is more critical now than ever before.

“We partnered with Ponte Valle to help us increase the level of engagement and impact our leaders were having on a day to day basis with their people. We have definitely seen the difference across the business in the style, content and “real” conversations so key to engagement. This has delivered excellent value for Virbac.”

CEO, Virbac Australia​​

Unlock your leadership potential with Lead2Engage: an immersive journey that empowers leaders and aspiring visionaries to harness their full power and cultivate an impactful leadership style.

Through dynamic, hands-on experiences, participants don’t just attend – they actively shape their learning journey by sharing insights and real-world examples.

In just two transformative days, you will:

  • Master a proven framework and cutting-edge techniques for unparalleled engagement.
  • Cultivate authentic connections and elevate the quality of your interactions.
  • Gain valuable insights into your current engagement levels with peers and team members.
  • Craft a personalized roadmap for enhancing individual and team engagement.


But it doesn’t end there. With Lead2Engage, learning is integrated into action. You’ll conduct a comprehensive engagement analysis of your team, immediately implementing strategies for heightened engagement. And with post-course small group coaching sessions, you’ll refine your approach for sustained success.

Topics Include:

  • Engagement Culture & You
  • Potency of Leadership
  • The Impact of Psychological Drivers on Engagement
  • Psychology of Relational Communication
  • Communicating Authentically
  • Engaging Conversations
  • Applying the Global Engagement Framework


Don’t just lead – lead with impact – lead to engage!

The workshop is reflective, introspective, honest and enjoyable, and is conducted with a smaller group (no more than 16) to allow optimal engagement and interaction. This is a highly interactive 2 day workshop with, self-analysis opportunities, group work, and the creation of an engagement plan that can be implemented as soon as you get back to work!

Leaders/prospective leaders who:

  • want to learn how to lead in a naturally engaging manner
  • want to enhance their leadership style through more impacting and meaningful leadership behaviours
  • work in organisations that rely on the quality of leadership behaviours to break down silo’s and strengthen collaboration
  • need to maintain engagement throughout change
  • are ready for an advanced, fresh and proven approach to building an engaged team.

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