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Forge the foundation of extraordinary leadership and cultivate a workplace culture of unparalleled engagement with 'Lead2Engage Foundations.

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About the program

Lead 2 Engage Foundations

Transform your leadership approach with our dynamic course, where you’ll discover that being an engaging leader goes beyond mere connection—it’s about igniting an environment of trust and empowerment.

Throughout this immersive experience, we delve deep into the core dimensions of leadership that foster psychological safety, unlocking the secrets to cultivating Functional and Emotional Engagement. You’ll embrace the essence of courageous leadership, mastering the art of creating a safe space for open dialogue and navigating tough conversations.

Here’s what awaits you:

  • Uncover the three pivotal leadership roles essential for crafting a psychologically secure environment.
  • Explore the dual importance of Functional and Emotional Engagement, understanding how each impacts your team’s dynamics.
  • Embrace courageous leadership principles, empowering you to foster a culture of authenticity and accountability.
  • Apply your newfound insights to optimise every stage of your team’s Engagement Lifecycle, ensuring sustained growth and collaboration.


But the journey doesn’t end there. A month post-course, we reconvene virtually for a reflective session. Here, you’ll share your successes, challenges, and burning questions, fostering collective growth and continuous learning in the spirit of engaging leadership.

Topics Include:

  • Dynamics of the engaging leader
  • Creating Psychological Safety
  • The Engagement Matrix – Emotional and Functional Engagement
  • Psychology of the Courageous Conversation
  • Optimising the Engagement Life Cycle


Elevate your leadership potency today—join us on this journey of growth.

The workshop is reflective, introspective, honest and enjoyable, and is conducted with a smaller group (no more than 16) to allow optimal engagement and interaction. This is a highly interactive workshop with, self-analysis opportunities and group work.

  • High potential leaders
  • New leaders
  • Experienced leaders looking to strengthen their engagement style

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