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Achieving a 'Global Mindset' doesn't need to be difficult

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Achieving a 'Global Mindset' doesn't need to be difficult

Ponte Valle facilitators and consultants are experienced in working with global organisations, and understand the group dynamics that occur in these environments. When you engage a Ponte Valle team member to support your organisation, you are engaging a level of expertise that can help simplify the complex, and bridge the gaps of culture and personality to improve ways of working.

We provide customised and effective solutions that contribute to global business growth and competitiveness, including:

  • Strategies to support global change management and business transformation
  • Cultural insights to better align sales and marketing strategies in new regions/countries,
  • Supporting the creation of more targeted bids, sales messages and contributing to more robust negotiations when different cultures are involved
  • M&A Cultural Alignment
  • Reviewing global mobility programs for optimisation
  • Expatriation/Repatriation Optimisation Strategies
  • Strategies for improving virtual team leadership and performance
  • Multi-country teaming
  • Capability and L&D strategies to support the achievement of a Global Mindset
  • Implementation of support services, such as Coaching and Mentoring
  • Selection and development tools to support hiring decisions and team composition

Through our dynamic partnership with itim International, many of our solutions are supported by the forty years of intercultural research conducted by Prof Geert Hofstede and the Hofstede Centre.

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