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About the program

Unlock the Secret to Global Success: Mastering Cross-Cultural Relationships

In today’s interconnected world, the true trailblazers aren’t just skilled in their craft; they excel in forging powerful connections across borders. Whether you’re a seasoned leader, a diligent worker, or an intrepid expat, your ability to navigate diverse cultures can make or break your success on the global stage.

But what’s the key to creating these transformative global relationships?

It’s a dynamic process—a journey from stagnant, strained interactions to vibrant, high-impact collaborations. And it hinges on three crucial elements:

  • Understanding the Universal Blueprint for Human Connection
  • Cultivating Deep Global Self-Awareness
  • Leveraging the Right Tools and Strategies at the Right Time


Our immersive workshop is your gateway to mastering each of these elements. Through introspective exercises and practical insights, you’ll gain invaluable skills to elevate your cross-cultural relationships from ordinary to extraordinary.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?

Walk away from our intensive course armed with your personalised Global Engagement Development Plan—a strategic roadmap to empower you in fostering dynamic and fruitful cross-cultural connections. But that’s not all. Leaders in attendance will gain exclusive insights on implementing this blueprint within their teams, igniting a ripple effect of cultural synergy and productivity.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill course. It’s an immersive experience designed for active participation and collaborative learning. Your journey to mastery begins with your willingness to share and learn from your fellow participants. The true value of this workshop lies in the synergy between our expert guidance and your invaluable contributions

The course is broken into three parts:

Session 1: Global Engagement Framework

This first session explores the universal way that relationships develop, and provides the overarching framework for developing strong and productive individual and team relationships. Participants will analyse the effectiveness of their current relationships and use the following two sessions to build on their Global Engagement Development Plan

Session 2: Global Self-Awareness

This session explores some of the key beliefs and values that underpin a strong global mindset, resilience in the face of uncertainty and provides participants with the opportunity to self-reflect on the extent to which their personal working styles may be impacting their cross-cultural relationships.

Session 3: Global Relational Awareness

One of the hardest aspects of building healthy global relationships is in knowing which behaviours, tools and methods to apply, and when. In this session participants will use the Global Engagement Framework to identify the most effective way in which to deploy tools, methods and behaviours for the greatest impact in building cross-cultural relationships.


Leaders responsible for leading or influencing beyond borders, or employees who are required to participate in global project teams and build strong relationships with their colleagues.

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