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Executive Masterclass in Matrix Optimisation

The level of maturity of your matrix structure has a direct impact on the matrix dynamics that are required for optimal business performance in complex organisations.

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About the program

Executive Masterclass in Matrix Optimisation

How mature is your matrix organisation?

Dive deep into a transformative journey that guides you through a rigorous reflection, and evaluation, of your matrix organisation using the Ponte Valle Matrix Maturity Model. From defining clear direction to aligning business and people systems, culminating in a transformative cultural shift, this masterclass equips you with the tools to optimise every facet of your matrix structure.

Direction: In a matrix environment, direction needs to be clear. Direction is what we invest our energy in. When our structure is complex, the role of direction becomes more critical.

Aligned Systems: Saying you are a matrix organisation without having systems and processes that align with and enable matrix working adds to the complexity and ambiguity of a matrix

Leaders: communicate the direction and demonstrate the required culture.

Workforce: Your people need the capability and mindset required to tolerate ambiguity, create some structure for themselves and to be resilient.

Culture: Is often the forgotten piece of the success puzzle, as the focus is traditionally on national culture. Yet the ability for a team or function to be open, approachable, connected with the company values and reason for being in a matrix is essential.

The Ponte Valle Matrix Maturity Model provides organisations with the opportunity to take an objective view of the maturity of their organisation, and:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of each tier
  • Determine their ideal position on each level
  • Create a plan for evolving each tier to the ideal position.  ​

Used in leadership workshops, the model also allows leadership groups to evaluate their role in enabling an optimised matrix organisation.

In this dynamic workshop, participants will:

  • Gain insights into the intricate relationship between culture, engagement, and successful matrix operation.
  • Engage in reflective exercises using the Matrix Maturity Model, pinpointing actionable steps to elevate their matrix’s maturity.
  • Explore the pivotal role of leadership in driving and facilitating effective matrix dynamics.
  • Craft a vision of the ideal culture necessary for seamless matrix leadership, contrasting it with the current reality within their leadership cohort.



An intensive one-day workshop accompanied by post-course resources.

Optional coaching sessions available to ensure seamless integration of course output.

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