Micro Learning Course – Self-paced

Becoming the Authentic Leader

A three week self-paced online course designed to help you build the connection between who you are, your values and what this means for how you can lead with greater impact.

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About the program

What is Becoming the Authentic Leader?

This course is designed to provide leaders, at any level of experience, with the opportunity to develop a balanced and values-driven approach to leading.  Being connected to their values is what underpins an Authentic Leader who can remain grounded and engaging even if the world around them doesn’t feel this way.  By doing this, they are walking the talk form their teams, empowering them to do the same, driving innovation and collaboration. By embracing authenticity, leaders cultivate environments where individuals feel empowered to contribute their best, fostering a sense of purpose and fulfilment that transcends traditional metrics of success.

1. Embracing Your Authenticity: Understanding Your Values

Being comfortable in your own skin is an essential aspect of being an authentic leader. It means embracing and accepting who you are, your beliefs, values, and style of leadership.

Objective: In this first topic you will identify the personal values that define your leadership style.


2. Is Your Working Style Helping or Hindering Your Values-Driven Approach?

Is your working style working for you, or perhaps against you, when it comes to developing a more authentic and values driven approach to leading.  In this session you will analyse your working style, and explore it’s impact on the way you lead.

Objective: Create a plan to optimise your working style to enable your values-led approach to be more impacting.


3. Being Eclectic: Drawing inspiration from those around you

Being eclectic means getting out of our daily routines and ways of doing things to look for fresh perspectives. By embracing this concept of learning from the world around us, we can gain valuable insights and ideas that can enhance the way we lead and work and give us more options for how solve problems, connect and engage with our people.

Objective: Learn how to be eclectic in the design of your leadership approach.


4. Pulling it all together!

This final mission is a reminder that we don’t need to overthink being authentic.  It also reminds us that this can be quite a liberating process when we realise that our inspiration is easily tapped from within and can inspired by sources beyond business books and classrooms.

Objective: Construct a Values-Driven Leadership Plan tailored to your personal and professional goals.

  • This is a self-paced micro-learning course.
  • It will only take around 3 hours of your time over three weeks to complete the course.
  • You will be allocated an experienced leader as a mentor who will offer feedback on your work.
  • Each topic will contain some material to read or watch. There are different ways to apply your learning; for example, you may be asked to identify a new way of thinking or behaving, experiment with it, and then share your reflections.  There may be quizzes, or you may have to create a plan to implement.
  • You will access the course online via our micro-learning partner platform, Code of Talent.


AUD $55.00 (+gst in Australia)

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  • Our team will be in touch to arrange payment and send you a link to commence the course.

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