Can You Read The Room?

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Reading the Room for Better Empathic Leadership This may seem like a small question, but for leaders in large, matrix and complex organisations, the answer can have big implications. In Australia, and throughout the Anglo-world, we are conditioned to be quite explicit in the way we communicate. Being explicit means stating the obvious and working […]

Successful Hybrid Leadership

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If the last couple of years have taught us anything about leadership, it’s that the way we once led isn’t so fit for purpose in a hybrid or completely remote team environment. Yes, we need to be flexible, adaptable and keeping up with change at rates like never before. And then there are the fundamental […]

The Engagement False Reality Trap – and how to avoid it!

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How often do we see it that the results of an employee engagement survey come out, and one of the main messages is that your leaders aren’t engaging enough. Whether this is due to poor communication, not managing performance or giving feedback, or knowing how to recognise or acknowledge their people. The reasons are often […]

Winning Together for Greater Engagement

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I read often about the idea that the aim of groups is to be able to ‘work together’. In the context of the world today, and what we’ve all been through recently (and are still going through), I wonder if ‘working together’ is enough? My experience is that if we are ‘working together’ then we are […]

The secret to high performing teams

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The high performing team…. key to an organisation’s competitive advantage? Well, yes. The research consistently demonstrates that great teamwork delivers higher quality outputs resulting in better customer satisfaction.But despite huge investments in the recruitment and development of key talent, and leadership and team building interventions, truly high performing teams remain a somewhat elusive concept for […]

To Build Engagement Remove Time

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One of the greatest challenges, and inhibitors, to building a high trust and engaging relationship with your team is time.  And this is for two key reasons: 1. Relationships Develop NaturallyWhen have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you’ve said to yourself, “I need to build trust with this person in one […]

Using Dialogue to Build Trust & Engagement

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Dialogue. For many people, let alone leaders, this is a scary concept. However for a leader, dialogue is often the single most important activity that can establish your credibility, solve issues, pre-empt issues before they need solving, and bring a team closer together. In a team that is already close, regular dialogue is a key […]

The Potent Leader

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How often do we look at the most engaging and inspiring leaders of the world and ask ourselves, “why can’t I have a bit of that?”  Let’s face it, there are leaders out there who are engaging, effective, and carry with them a potency that seems to almost create a class system in terms of leaders.  […]

Building Successful Teams in the New Normal

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Updated from the original post in 2014​At its heart, good teaming is about creating the space for a bunch of different people to build rapport – to get to know each other; their likes, dislikes, where they’ve worked before, what excites them, their personality.  All of these factors, if explored will provide your team with […]

The Hidden Hungers of Employee Engagement

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Out of the many drivers of employee engagement, the one that has the greatest impact is leadership. Leaders influence engagement within an organisation both horizontally and vertically, and as identified in many research reports over the last ten years, engaging leadership is a non-negotiable when it comes to shifting culture and engagement. And as if […]

What we’re learning about leading successful remote teams

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We’ve been supporting the development of geographically spread teams for years; global project teams, functional teams spread throughout a region, and teams located in one office whilst the manager is in a different city.  And now we have the enforced remote working team; the team that signed up for jobs in an office, with plenty […]

Leading into the ‘new normal’: Era of the Relational Leader

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The future of leadership is always being questioned and explored and yet the reality is that successful leaders today, and into the future, will most likely carry the same core qualities as those from years gone by. They will be leaders who have vision, leverage disruption and encourage constructive risk taking. Above all, they will […]

Engagement – The key to consumer confidence in the tough times

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Tough times call for tough measures. In a recession or economic downturn government and businesses are continually looking for ways to strengthen consumer confidence. While ever customers are confident that there is light at the end of the tunnel, or merely have confidence in government and business that they can get through the tough times, there is […]

Build Engagement Throughout Change!

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Your skeletal system is not your nervous system. Anyone who has worked with me, especially in the last couple of years will know that this is my favourite expression when starting the discussion around how to optimise the way we approach change.  The skeletal system is of course important. It’s the tangible, structural and probably most visual […]

‘The New Normal of Work’ – Planning for Post Pandemic Success

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There is no denying the fact that life is quite different for all of us right now.  In the face of uncertain future economic conditions, fear for the health and wellbeing of loved ones, and management of the daily challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is easy to fixate on today’s problems. But one […]

Learn how to ‘Remotely’ Engage Your Team

In January I wrote about the importance of taking the time to engage with your people.  And that was just before our world was tipped upside down by Covid-19! Upon reflection, the suggestions for taking the time to engage with your people are probably more relevant today, even though it feels as though one hand […]

Engagement…at the Speed of Trust!

We know that the ability to build trust is a critical characteristic of effective leadership.  Whether  directly, when you are the manager, or indirectly, like in a matrix where influencing with integrity is the key skill. It also underpins the achievement of healthy employee engagement – after all, a position of trust is what we […]

How leaders enable vulnerability

Is it really possible for every leader to be as vulnerable and authentic as we think they need to be to create a safe space for us to work and play in?  And will our people always naturally respond to the efforts of leaders in encouraging ‘authenticity’ at work? The short answer is no.  If you […]

Take Time to Engage!

In the western world we never believe we ever have enough time; we squeeze as much into our day as possible, we want to get to work, maybe grab a coffee and just get on with things.  Yes, there are of course those who are cultural outliers and have a more longer-term relationship with time […]

​Beware the Lollipop of Mediocrity: Engagement Lessons from a Musical Genius

I’ve just finished watching a short documentary on the making of the Brian Wilson album ‘No Pier Pressure’. Anyone who knows me even moderately well will know my deep connection with his music from the time of the Beach Boys through until today. His eclectic style and ability to continuously learn and produce outstanding music is simply […]

Rituals, the path to engaging leadership

“Ritual is necessary for us to know anything.”                                                                               – Ken KeseyThe ability to engage in rituals, or create […]

2 Steps to Healthier Employee Engagement

When it comes to fostering engagement, the role of a leader is central, and for leaders themselves, it can seem quite overwhelming.  We know that the level of engagement is the result of a number of factors, two of which are leader-critical.  They are the ability of your leaders to understand and articulate your: Let’s […]

The Role of ‘Sense of Purpose’ in Employee Engagement

Having a sense of purpose is central to effective employee engagement, and there are three dimensions to this, that if understood, can contribute effectively to organisational engagement strategies. I call these dimensions: Below is a short descriptor of each type of Purpose. Intrinsic Sense of PurposeThis is really about those fundamental questions like; Who am […]

Breaking Out of the Organisational Urgency Trap!

“Organisational Urgency”.  This is what I refer to as the inclination of organisations that belong to the anglo-sphere part of the world, to want to push through and get a winning outcome quickly, expediently and sometimes at the expense perhaps of taking the time to get a better or more appropriate outcome. On the surface that […]

National Culture: The key to authentic engagement

What does national identity have to do with employee engagement? Well, everything really when we consider that ‘who we are’ is central to what motivates us.  Like organisational culture, we know that national culture is made of outer layers that are mostly easy to see; practices, rituals, symbols etc… But the deepest layer of culture […]

Making Your Virtual Team Work

Virtual teams are fast becoming a regular feature in business as a response to the globalisation of business and optimisation of capability – wherever it may be.  This requires a different approach to leadership than the more traditional methods where a team is located together in the one office or within close proximity.  Leading a team […]

The Secret to Great Teams…

The best teams co-create a way of being, working and succeeding together.  This co-creation is made up of the best aspects of all team members, in effect creating a ‘team’ personality that has its own set of values and belief system.  At the heart of this is the acceptance, and optimisation, of the diversity that […]

Leading a Team for Consistent and High Performance

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High Performance. It’s what CEO’s want to see from their organisation, what leaders want from their functions and teams and what we all want to achieve individually and see from each other.  And yet it seems such a difficult proposition, to consistently achieve levels of performance that are personally satisfying, highly regarded in the team […]

Enabling Leadership Engagement Behaviours

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Employee Engagement is a broad topic, encompassing factors such as reward and recognition, leadership style and culture. Time and again though, research tells us that the number one factor that impacts on employee engagement is leadership.  Or more specifically; the ability for leaders to connect with their people in a way that inspires confidence and […]

The Where, Why and How of Team Engagement

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Every team has an abundance of energy ready to invest in positive ways.  Unfortunately it is often stifled as a result of team members not knowing where and how they can play, and what they can be doing to help elevate the team and themselves. How can you optimise this?  Well, it’s not as complicated […]

Keys to Engaging Leadership: Eclectic Leadership

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The Key to Engaging Leadership? Eclectic Leadership Eclectic leadership simply means that you don’t ascribe to one single way of leading and having an open mind to possibilities. Importantly it allows for spontaneity, and a more natural leadership style to come through.Now, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have the bigger picture in mind or […]

Why Employee Engagement Matters…to all of us!

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Over the last five years there has been what seems to have been a significant increase in the numbers of studies conducted around the world to try and understand what drives employee engagement.  Blessing White, Gallup, KPMG, McLeod amongst many who have been working hard to discover the factors that help us enjoy what we […]

Keys to Engaging Leadership: Resilience & Dealing with Uncertainty

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I have learnt over time the importance of resilience, and being able to manage and lead a team during times of uncertainty. As much as it can be painful and works against our natural desire for structure in our daily lives, being able sit in the middle of ambiguity and lead a team effectively despite […]

Keys to Engaging Leadership: Being Courageous

Ponte Valle - Global Leadership Training & Coaching

Over the next couple of weeks I will explore some of the key elements that I believe underpin an engaging leader.  I have been fortunate to have experienced leadership in the military, small, medium and large sized businesses, government, non-profit, family owned and private sectors.  When I reflect on all of these experiences, both as […]

Lead Your New Team for Success

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So you’ve taken on the leadership of a new team, or you are leading for the first time.  Either way, you are presented with the challenge of making new connections, and at the same time getting the team ‘on task’. For many people this is one of the most daunting periods of time; but it […]

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