The secret to high performing teams

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The high performing team…. key to an organisation’s competitive advantage? Well, yes. The research consistently demonstrates that great teamwork delivers higher quality outputs resulting in better customer satisfaction.But despite huge investments in the recruitment and development of key talent, and leadership and team building interventions, truly high performing teams remain a somewhat elusive concept for […]

Are you ready to work abroad?

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Are you ready to work abroad? There is no doubt that the idea of working in a foreign country holds great excitement for most of us; the opportunity to travel, learn new skills, and grow our professional currency back home is tantalising indeed.  But traversing the oceans for a new job also means traversing different cultures – and success or failure in this […]

When is a Global Organisation Really Global?

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When is a global organisation really global? Is it when there is a good representation of offices around the world? Or when a good financial year is the result of some good joint efforts between countries and regions? Perhaps when we have a healthy expat program, and lots of global project teams? Or is it when we […]

Developing the Successful Global Leader

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The ability to lead and manage across borders is an indispensable leadership quality.  The way business and business growth is trending, combined with new ways of thinking about how we work driven by Covid-19, it’s highly likely that a majority of tomorrows leaders will experience leading teams, functions or businesses largely comprised of virtual and globally […]

Is Individualism the achilles heel of western leadership?

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…the ideal of the ‘authentic’ relationship that we hear so much about in the Anglo leadership space is always relative to the willingness and ability of the people involved to be vulnerable.  ​Trust gained through being vulnerable is not a natural preference for those of us in the Anglo world, but it is probably the […]

Leading a Culturally Diverse Team…Building Engagement

One of the emerging challenges of leadership is the question of how to lead a culturally diverse team. Whether this is as a leader of a global project team, a global or regional business leader or as the leader of a domestic team which is comprised of many different cultures. The reality is that it isn’t […]

Top Two Tips for Leading a Culturally Diverse Team

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I was recently asked what I thought were the one or two most important attributes when leading a culturally diverse team. My first thought was that leading a culturally diverse team is not a black and white affair. Nor is leadership in general, but in a culturally diverse setting there is clearly an added layer of […]

Can the EU Trust Anglo Countries to be Faithful in their Trade Agreements?

I recently attended a business forum held by the European Services Forum and the EU Centre for Global Affairs, to learn more about the status of trade agreements between the European Union (EU) and Australia and what the future may hold for them considering Brexit and the US election. One of the things we know […]

The Keys to Being an Effective Global Leader

Being able to engage, influence and lead effectively across borders was once considered one of the new frontiers of leadership as globalisation started to take effect.  Now it seems there is almost an assumption that if you work in a global organisation, and are an effective leader in your home country that this will automatically […]

Cultural Diversity…the heart of what’s possible!

So often in business, particularly on the people side of things, we can get so caught up  in theories, concepts and frameworks that we miss the obvious. Take cultural diversity for example.  Cultural diversity isn’t difficult to get right when you see people for who they are, and not what they are.  We are all […]

National Culture: The key to authentic engagement

What does national identity have to do with employee engagement? Well, everything really when we consider that ‘who we are’ is central to what motivates us.  Like organisational culture, we know that national culture is made of outer layers that are mostly easy to see; practices, rituals, symbols etc… But the deepest layer of culture […]

Global Mobility: Making it more like chocolate than cabbage!

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to present my thoughts on global mobility at the first DisruptHR event in Sydney, Australia.  If you haven’t experienced DisruptHR before, speakers only have 5 minutes to get their thoughts across on their topic.   The focus of this presentation was to challenge organisations to reframe the way […]

2 Keys for Getting Cross Cultural M&A’s Right

David Morley was interviewed by InsideHR to get his thoughts on what it takes to get cross-cultural M&A’s right…you can read the interview here:​​

Going Global…Developing a Global Mindset

​I was speaking with a colleague recently who is developing an organisational framework to support the transition of their business from that of domestic to regional with a longer-term eye on going truly global. They are aiming to develop the idea of a global mindset within their people and systems of work, and the framework […]

Enabling Intercultural Collaboration (or…how to stop flying under the radar!)

We often hear the term ‘flying below the radar’ in global organisations.  It’s a catch cry that tends to originate from the non-HQ countries in multi-nationals who don’t necessarily see the benefit of doing what HQ is asking of them and so they go rogue…fly under the radar…and get on with business in a way that […]

Optimising Your Global Leadership Style

Leading global teams doesn’t have to be difficult, and as with many things it comes down to whether we are focusing on the ‘what’ (obvious cultural, behavioural differences) or the ‘how’ (the ways in which we bridge any gaps). I’ve worked with many diverse groups and teams over the years, many of which span borders.  In […]

Valley or Mountain – Adapting Your Leadership Style for Cross-Cultural Success

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Are you a mountain or a valley when it comes to your leadership style?  Depending in which country or countries you are leading, you may require more mountain, more valley or a little of both.​ Let’s explore this idea a little further. Mountains are big, solid, easy to see and imposing.  They are also vulnerable.  They […]

Learning Resilience from Successful Expats

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Successful expats are those who are able to achieve in the face of adversity.  They are able to roll with the punches, and deal with change; in fact you could say that they tend to have a level of resilience that is more robust than normal. So what does resilience look like through the eyes […]

Keys to M&A Success…Culture and Strategy

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The role that culture and strategy plays in the success or failure of M&A’s is more significant than many realise. Having experienced M&A’s first hand over the last ten years, both as an employee, and a contributing strategist/consultant to the M&A process, I suggest that the implications of not considering the cultural and organisational strategy […]

The Power of Dialogue

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The first six months of this year have been quite inspiring for me.  I have worked with leaders from many countries around the world, including; Poland, Germany, Romania, France and South Africa.  In this mix there were countless ethinicities, sub-cultures, religions, countries of origin, languages and expectations. In this time I have learnt, all over […]

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