Winning Together for Greater Engagement

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I read often about the idea that the aim of groups is to be able to ‘work together’. In the context of the world today, and what we’ve all been through recently (and are still going through), I wonder if ‘working together’ is enough? My experience is that if we are ‘working together’ then we are […]

Becoming the Trusted Business Partner

Ponte Valle - Global Leadership Training & Coaching

Business Partners play a critical role in many organisations, and some of the best I’ve experienced are those who are invited to the important discussions ahead of time to contribute to decisions.  They aren’t left out until it’s too late…and then need to clean up the mess whilst thinking ‘why wasn’t I included in this […]

The secret to high performing teams

Ponte Valle - Global Leadership Training & Coaching

The high performing team…. key to an organisation’s competitive advantage? Well, yes. The research consistently demonstrates that great teamwork delivers higher quality outputs resulting in better customer satisfaction.But despite huge investments in the recruitment and development of key talent, and leadership and team building interventions, truly high performing teams remain a somewhat elusive concept for […]

Gaining Cooperation and Buy-In…a little bit me, a little bit you

Ponte Valle - Global Leadership Training & Coaching

There are plenty of times at work (and in life) when we want to gain the cooperation, buy in or consensus of those around us; whether they be a manager, colleagues or an employee.  So what’s the easy answer?  Well, in my experience there is no easy or perfect answer; but I have encountered a […]

Proactive Matrix Leadership – Collaboration

Ponte Valle - Global Leadership Training & Coaching

A clip taken from our “3 Things” Webinar Series exploring the importance of Proactive Leadership in a matrix organisation, along with some practical tips for how to get started on this track with a focus on collaboration. ​Watch time: 20mins Learn more about enhancing the quality of matrix leadership in your organisation, and how you […]

The VUCA Business Partner

Ponte Valle - Global Leadership Training & Coaching

Business Partners exist right throughout an organisation.  Some roles are explicitly named a Business Partner, whilst other roles carry the implicit expectation that they are partners.  HR, Talent Acquisition, Procurement, Finance, IT and many more; the larger and more complex an organisation the more partners exist.  And the demand for Business Partners to add value […]

Tips for Running Successful Virtual Teaming Events

Over the past couple of weeks, despite the Covid-19 impact on our world, many organisations are still going ahead with plans to build engaged and winning teams using virtual means rather than face to face. And that is great news!  What this means is that there is still a mindset in organisations and amongst leaders […]

Making the Matrix Work

The continued push toward globalisation and the reality of single digit margins across many market sectors has seen organisations looking for ways to leverage every ounce of collaboration to optimise business results.  This has seen a stronger reliance on matrix structured organisations which in principle are designed to do just this through well-crafted areas of […]

Enabling Intercultural Collaboration (or…how to stop flying under the radar!)

We often hear the term ‘flying below the radar’ in global organisations.  It’s a catch cry that tends to originate from the non-HQ countries in multi-nationals who don’t necessarily see the benefit of doing what HQ is asking of them and so they go rogue…fly under the radar…and get on with business in a way that […]

Enabling Collaboration

Sometimes the biggest block to collaboration is the extent to which we make it easy for others to understand and engage with what it is we want to achieve.  The perceptual chasm between you and those around you can be reduced or removed if we adopt a couple of straightforward principles. In short they are: […]

The Trusted Business Partner

Ponte Valle - Global Leadership Training & Coaching

There are two words that clearly define what it means to be a Trusted Business Partner; intensity and involvement. Intensity and Involvement You know you are achieving trust in the partnering relationship when you are experiencing a higher degree of discretionary involvement in key decisions, and mostly ahead of time.  Discretionary because there is a willingness […]

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