The Accountable Leader = The Engaging Leader

Being accountable for ‘who’ you are as a leader is key to optimising your leadership potency. If you can’t be committed to being sure of who you are, then it will be harder to bring an authentic accountability to your leadership role.  Having a sense of accountability for who we are is also central if you want to bring a values-driven approach to your leadership style.  Throughout this article you have the opportunity to reflect on who you are as a leader through three lenses that will help you strengthen your leadership approach.

1. We’re not always going to get it right, and that’s ok.

As leaders we know the importance of walking the talk, wanting to build trust, and generally doing the right things. But we are human. We will make mistakes. And coming out of those slip ups we can still be walking the talk. How? By owning our part in the thing that went wrong and seeking to learn from the situation. And by being vulnerable enough to share that we got it wrong and sharing that we are as human as the rest of the population.

2. Know what you can live with.

We aren’t always going to get what we want, or have things play out in a way we’d like them to. So, it’s important to know what you can live with that won’t compromise your values or the integrity of your relationships. And who knows, being able to live with something that is done differently to how we may do it may just open our eyes to new possibilities and drive better engagement with those around us. (shout out to all of the perfectionists reading this…you know who you are!)

3. Know what you can’t live with.

Sometimes we do need to hold true to our values, our principles, or whatever we believe is the right thing to be doing. This is what drives us to call out unacceptable behaviour, or even leave a team or an organisation through the lens of valuing self-worth. As leaders, role modelling this is critical to reinforcing what is ok, and what’s not ok and creating a sense of psychological safety.

Leadership is definitely not a black and white equation; there is often more grey than black and white.  And when the world around you is ambiguous, with many moving parts, the only thing we can control, and lead from, is a strong centre within each of us.  And if our accountability starts there, then we stand a better chance of leading with conviction and helping our people also make sense of the world around them.

Ponte Valle Insight: The Accountable Leader = The Engaging Leader

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