VUCA Leadership – Keeping it simple!

When we think of what’s needed to lead in VUCA environments, we tend to overthink how we need to be leading to be effective. And why wouldn’t we? Complex environments aren’t straightforward, so it makes sense that how we lead would need to have some semblance of complexity attached to it as well.  

Or does it? There is ONE  thing you can do to lead meaningfully and effectively in a VUCA environment.

Be consistent

Beyond our capacity to meaningfully connect with those we lead and those we need to deal with in the business, possibly the only other big thing we need to think about is consistency in our leadership approach.  And the best thing? Being consistent is fully within our control! 

And when we look at it through that lens, no matter how volatile our world, if we are consistent in how we show up each day then that’s one less distraction for our team, one less thing they need to be worrying about, because they know how you will be showing up…everyday.   

And that’s the key to VUCA leadership; to be leading from a place that you own.  When we master this, there is no place for luck, chance or fate.  We don’t need to be thrown from pillar to post at the behest and whims of others.  Because we are owning our space.  Being consistent. 

Ponte Valle Insight: VUCA Leadership – Keeping it simple!

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