Learn how to ‘Remotely’ Engage Your Team

In January I wrote about the importance of taking the time to engage with your people.  And that was just before our world was tipped upside down by Covid-19!

Upon reflection, the suggestions for taking the time to engage with your people are probably more relevant today, even though it feels as though one hand is tied behind your back in terms of freedom to connect.  But it is still very possible to maintain the quality of your relationships despite the enforced distance; in fact ask any leader who has successfully led a high performing virtual team and they will gladly tell you it’s possible.

Now, we know that not everyone signed up for being a remote leader, and I’m sure there are some who find it difficult enough being a leader of people when you are in the same place!  We’ve all been there at some point, so you aren’t alone.  But the reality is you’re not alone now either, because we are here, only a phone call or email away for a chat and the opportunity to pick our brains.  You have the experience of the Ponte Valle team at your fingertips to help guide you through this interesting leadership time.

But there are some things you can be doing right now that are reflective of that article I wrote back in January.  They are:

Value your 1:1’s with your team and what they represent.  You can still have meaningful 1:1’s with your team even though there is distance.  In fact right now, your ability to maintain your 1:1’s and to have meaningful conversations may be a lifesaver for your team members as much as it is for you.

Be interested in your team members.  Not everyone will be coping well with social-isolation, and we know that for some people the ability to connect with others is critical; not just because they may be a ‘people-person’ and more extroverted, but because they may also be prone to depression when they are cut off from social connection.  At our very core all of us like to be acknowledged for for ‘who’ we are and not just ‘what’ we are doing.  So make your 1:1’s or team member touch points frequent, and really do check in on them – ask how they are doing – don’t just ask what they are doing.

Create opportunities for connection in the team.  This point remains the same.  Create those opportunities that allow the team to come together and share on a values level. Most people are comfortable sharing about the things that give them enjoyment; and this is the level of sharing that removes the superficial layers and boundaries and opens the door to genuine connection. 

Ponte Valle Insight: Learn how to ‘Remotely’ Engage Your Team

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