The Power of Dialogue

The first six months of this year have been quite inspiring for me.  I have worked with leaders from many countries around the world, including; Poland, Germany, Romania, France and South Africa.  In this mix there were countless ethinicities, sub-cultures, religions, countries of origin, languages and expectations.

In this time I have learnt, all over again, the power of connection, of tolerance and of unity.  Especially with the leadership group in South Africa where this group of blacks, whites, and their various subsets of ethinicities are responsible for role modeling for their workforce what it means to work together, and to win together.

Dialogue is powerful.  Dialogue that is nurturing and adult by nature leads to rational and self-sustaning outcomes.  How can it not?  In these states dialogue has its best chance of being thought through and empathic.  It has its best chance of being authentic…real.

I have witnessed people, through dialogue, realise that they didn’t have to give up their culture…who they are.  Rather, they could bring the best of who they are to the creation of a shared identity.  An identity founded on understanding what is important to each of us.  An identity created out of a desire to want the best for each other, and for ourselves…and realising that you can’t have one without wanting the other.  After all; how we see ourselves, is how we see the world.

I am grateful that I have been able to create an opportunity for these people to do things differently.  The ability to create healthy choices can never be underestimated…and in business, this is the job of an effective leader.

Ponte Valle Insight: The Power of Dialogue

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